What We Believe

Our Mission Priority is to be:

A community, underpinned by God; welcoming, accepting and relevant to Mansfield


Our Priorities as a church for 2017-18 are:

  • “All are Welcome in this place”
  • To be a Family Friendly and above all a Welcoming Church
  • To find ways of Inviting Mansfield and beyond to be part of our community
  • To Fund-Raise £13000 through a series of events throughout the year
  • To meet together regularly to pray, to have fellowship and fun together, as well as learn more about the Bible through Discipleship and House groups

As a Methodist Church we are part of the Methodist Church in Britain, and so our core priorities are:

  • WORSHIP – All are welcome to all our service – please join us
  •  LEARNING & CARING – Together we are trying to learn more about God and ourselves
  • SERVICE – There are opportunities within the life of our church to share your gifts and skills
  •  EVANGELISM – We believe that Jesus is the Hope for our lives and for the world

To find out more click: The Methodist Church of Great Britain.

The video below shows the mission priorities of the Methodist Church in Britain:

Come and join us at any of our activities

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