Toddler Group

Are you a Parent, Grandparent, Carer or Guardian of Children under the age of 5?

If the answer to that question is yes, then why not come and try out our Toddler Group.

It is run by our Families Worker and a wonderful team of church members.

It happens every Friday during term-time from 9.15am to 11.15am at our site on Big Barn Lane.

We have a whole host of games and toys, crafts and activities for the children to enjoy and play during the session. One Mum commented “it’s wonderful, the children play and play and play, and I can either join in with the play or sit and chat, catch my breath, knowing my daughter is safe and having lots and lots of fun. :-)”.

We also do a circle song and news time at the end each session as a group activity, and offer drinks and snacks for both children and adults. We charge a small fee of £1 per session to cover the costs of the refreshments, toys and craft activities.

Come and join the fun!

For more information about the Toddler Group – contact our Families & Communities Co-ordinator through the Bridge Street Toddler Group Facebook Page.