Welcome to a brief history of our church and chapel, the building that we worship in today started to be constructed in 1864, over 150 years of Christian Witness to the people of Mansfield.

  • The Methodist Church is an international mainstream Christian Church.
  • It can trace its origin to the teaching and preaching of Revd John Wesley.
  • More information about the Methodist Church can be found at: Methodist origins
  • Or indeed more information about John Wesley can be found on Wikipedia: John Wesley.
  • In Britain today there are 800,000 people connected in some way to the Methodist Church and 75 million world-wide.

And now a little more about Bridge Street Methodist Church specifically:

Bridge Street Methodist Church traces its origin to 1788 when John Adams, a Methodist preacher from Nottingham, conducted worship by the water pump in the Old Market Place.

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People who responded to his preaching formed the church that eventually settled in Bridge Street. Today, a commemorative water pump stands outside the library in the centre of Mansfield on the spot where Mr Adams preached. Therefore, this church has been at the heart and life of Mansfield for well over 200 years.

Did you know that the Mansfield Stag’s started life at the Mansfield Wesleyan XI?

Bridge Street continues to touch and change the lives of people through its worship and service, including the work that takes place in The Stanhope Centre located behind the chapel

The Methodist church has created a 4 part series exploring the history of the denomination in Britain and across the world:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

The British Film Institute has created a video showing us how the congregation at Bridge Street looked back in 1901. The look of the front of the church has not really changed much in over 100 years, but the congregation’s have come and gone. Today we have a membership of 45, about 35 Adherents and an average worshiping community of between 35 and 40 most weeks.

For a much more detailed history of the building, click here.

We continue to meet to worship God, to have fellowship together and try to live out our mission statement of being a community that underpinned by God, Welcoming and relevant to Mansfield.

Why not come and be part of our continuing story, in the heart of Mansfield town?

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