The Methodist Church is an international mainstream Christian Church. It can trace its origin to the teaching and preaching of John Wesley.

John was an 18th Century Church of England priest. In Britain today there are 800,000 people connected in some way to the Methodist Church and 75 million world-wide.

Bridge Street Methodist Church traces its origin to 1788 when John Adams, a Methodist preacher from Nottingham, conducted worship by the water pump in the Old Market Place.

People who responded to his preaching formed the church that eventually settled in Bridge Street. Today, a commemorative water pump stands outside the library in the centre of Mansfield on the spot where Mr Adams preached. Therefore, this church has been at the heart and life of Mansfield for well over 200 years. For example, did you know that Mansfield Town Football Club began its life as the football team of our church, the Mansfield Wesleyans?

Plaque for Mansfield Heritage Trail on Bridge Street

Bridge Street continues to touch and change the lives of people through its worship and service, including the work that takes place in The Stanhope Centre located behind the chapel


This is how the congregation looked in 1901


You can see more detailed history of the building here

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